Monday, February 26, 2007

Realistic Expectations

So, I've been thinking a lot about what I hope to do in BC and what I doubt I'll do. I'm trying to be realistic, so you won't see things like "Farm Illidan" on my list. That may be realistic for some people, but not for me. Keep in mind that these are my goals before the next expansion, not goals for the near future.

Thing I don't think I'll do in BC:

  1. Step foot in Serpentshrine Cavern
  2. Step foot in The Eye
  3. Step foot in Mount Hyjal
  4. Step foot in The Black Temple
  5. Be competitive in the Arena
  6. Get more than three characters (Sakuran, Zydari, and either Repentant or Laic) to level 70.
Things that are likely to happen:
  1. Sakuran
    1. Level 70
    2. Clear Karazhan
    3. Blue PvP Set
    4. Few pieces of Tier 4
    5. Grind as many reputations as are available to me to exalted
  2. Zydari
    1. Level 70
    2. Tank some end-game instances (Heroic 5-mans if I'm lucky)
    3. Get my wife to be confident enough to actually do some instances
  3. Laic
    1. Get to Outland, maybe level 70
    2. Enjoy some PvP
  4. Repentant
    1. Get to Outland, maybe level 70
    2. Find a build that will let me solo effectively and still heal groups. Shadow's great, but I'm not sure I'll stay there.
Things I'd like to see, but am not 100% if they'll happen
  1. 25 man content in general. While I think we'll get to Gruul's lair, it's difficult for a guild like ours to do that kind of content. We may be able to get a group together every other week, but I'm not sure that'll be enough to actually get him down.
  2. Magtheridan. At the moment, he's unkillable. While I give my guild 50/50 odds on Gruul at some point in the future, I'm much less optimistic about our chances with Magtheridan. I'm sure the challenge will drop once the strategy is widely known, but it still sounds like he requires heavy consumables. I really don't see us casuals as farming consumables for nights of wipes.

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