Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Regurgitation 10-31-06

  • Gitr talks about depression of WoW players, then segues into playing with people in RL.
  • Tobold talks about 'luxury' servers, interesting idea.
  • WOW Insider asks if you care about the Lore.
  • Mark of the Wild discusses Honor inflation on AV weekend.

Survey says....Knight

Well, I'm 40% through Knight. Acutally I'm a bit surprised that I'm not farther into the Rank given the mass of honor I earned. I ran over to the officers quarters, but didn't have time to really look around (lunch time WoW...). I'm curious as to how much RP I actually received, and if there is a average amount of honor per RP. I know that the higher you rank, the longer it takes, but I always figured it was due to decay, not any decrease in the honor-RP conversion.

So, hopefully I'll be able to get some good PvP time in this week and make it to Rank 7 and new gear. I also think I'll hit exalted with AV pretty soon, maybe even tomorrow night (Halloween plans are going to conflict with a lot of honor/rep gain tonight).

More honor

Had some more fun with PvP last night. Grabbed a couple of screenshots to show off the highlights

  • Managed to join a pre-made that proceeded to 5 cap the Horde. Was beautiful.
  • Later was in a very, very close AB. Managed to win by 10 points, just as the Horde grabbed one of our flags. I'm not sure how it could have been closer.
Okay, this last one isn't based on PvP, but was a bit of guild humor. The lesson one should learn is to always remember when tormenting officers, we have the power of the /gkick. Pay particular attention to the lower left corner of the screen (where my guild chat is).

Ah the nuggets of humor in the mounds of drama...

Monday, October 30, 2006

100k Honor and counting

After a long, long day of PvP on Saturday, and a bit yesterday, I have 100,000 honor. That should be enough to put me up to Rank 6. I'm guessing that it will translate to 9,000 CP, which after decay should be enough to put me well into Rank 6.

AV honor weekend is crazy fun. As I try to save my tokens for Concerted Effort turn ins I need to get into a lot of AB and WSG. I think I'm currently sitting on 15 AV tokens and maybe 1 each for WSG and AB. Question of the day: do I continue to hold onto the tokens for CE effort or turn in everything tonight to try and boost my honor as high as possible? I'm leaning towards the latter as I'm usually able to get enough AB and WSG tokens for one AV a night, and I've yet to see AV be the bottleneck.

Also speaking of AV, Exalted is getting close, only around 8,000 rep to go. I'm sure I'll finish that up this week sometime.

Regurgitation 10-30-06

Didn't post over the weekend, so this will be a bit longer than normal.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Regurgitation 10-27-06

Back on the saddle again...

Okay, so finally got to spend some time in game. Seems like I've hardly been on this week. Got some PvP and aided in a LBRS raid (link to a write up on the new COTL blog :P). Going to try and get back to a minimum of 70k honor a week and hit rank 7 soon, and 8 shortly there after. As my goal per day is roughly 10k honor, it seems that one concerted effort turn in gets me there. It would be nice if that turn it could be something other than 3 WSG losses, 3 AB losses, and an AV win. The occasional AB win does 'spice it up', but I think I've only seen two WSG wins in the last month. Very frustrating...

After reading Kinless' site for a while, I think it would be really interesting to RP a character. Not sure I'd enjoy in-game RP, but out of game RP (similar to what Kinless is already doing) could be cool. Perhaps I'll propose something like that to the guild and see what happens.

Still want to get Repentant leveled, but that's a secondary endeavor to hitting rank with Sakuran.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Regurgitation 10-26-06

  • Blessing of Kings downed Ragnaros again and discusses the 'nerfing' of Crusader Strike and Vengence.
  • Tobold talks about jewlecrafting and a buggy instance in BC.
  • AFK Gamer informs us that Madonna is in WoW, and she's a raided out forsaken priest. Talk about Will of the Forsaken...
  • Gahlok, of Frostbolt fame, plays with Patchwork.
  • Relmstein discusses the negative effects of buying gold in WoW.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Regurgitation 10-25-06

Well it occurred to me that I read a lot of great stuff on other Warcraft blogs. It also makes sense to me to direct you to those other great blogs. While the link on the side of my screen are there, i think I'm going to occasionally highlight some for you. As it's nothing new, I think Regurgitation is an appropriate, if unglamorous, title. So, here goes Regurgitation for October 25th, 2006.

  • Gahlok over at Frostbolt downed C'Thun for the first time. Congratulations!
  • Two posts from Kinless, the first is an IC back story for he and his partners Forsaken characters. The second is an OOC account of playing a warlock and priest pair. As always, great reading.
  • Tobold has an interesting post on the 'content patch' that we're assured will hit before the expansion. One mistake is that the current top of the trees is 41 points, not 51 as is mentioned in the post. I may just be misreading it...If I see new stuff during the day I will update this post.
Speaking of October 25th, I wanted to take a moment to tell Meghan, my RL wife, that I love her. We've been married three years today and I look forward to many, many more. Now if only she'd read my blog.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thoughts on the BC release date

Well, as I'm sure you're aware, the BC release date is out. Looks like sometime in January 2007. Honestly, I should have anticipated it, but I had convinced myself that we were looking at the end of November/beginning of December. So it'll be another 6 weeks from my best guess.

As mentioned in my last post I had been wondering why I was busting my butt with a PvP grind with stuff that would be outdated very soon after getting it. As such I had devoted my weekend to leveling my priest instead. Only got around 25k honor, which I'm sure will result in a loss of rank. Now that I know that I'm looking at two months minimum till BC, I think I'll go ahead and try to get to rank 8. Still going to try and level my priest, but that will no longer be my sole objective.

Of course there are always guild runs that need assistance, so who knows how successful I'll be in those endeavors.

So my pre-BC wishlist is as follows:

  • Sakuran - AV Exalted (hello Lobotomizer)
  • Sakuran - PvP Rank 8
  • Repentant - level 60
  • Laic - level 50+
Yes, that's a lot of wishful thinking, but I would really like to have a few toons to try the Outlands with.

Post-BC plan
  • Explore Outlands with whatever toons I can
  • Explore new 5-man instances ASAP
  • Roll a F Draeni Shaman
  • Roll a M Draeni Warrior
Just some rambling. Nothing new to report.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Now, why exactly am I doing this?

So, last night it occured to me that I was on a grind that will be meaningless in two months. I had set a goal to reach Rank 8 before BC hits as I wanted the 4 pieces of the blue PvP set. After reading a number of posts about the gear that is dropping in the BC beta, it looks like Rank 7 and 8 gear would only last me a few levels. So why exactly am I grinding 2-3 hours a night for honor?

It also appears that a number of raiders are experiencing the same feelings I am. Why bust your butt in MC/BWL/AQ40/Naxx when that gear is going to be replaced fairly soon? The AQ40/Naxx gear should last you till near 70, so I imagine folks in those instances will continue to slog through them The rest of us who are looking at superior greens in the first BC dungeons have to ask ourselves, why am I grinding?

That being said, I have enjoyed PvP and don't plan to drop it all together, but I am not going to concern myself with getting X amount of honor per night/week. I'll still queue a bunch on Saturday and Sunday, but anticipate that a majority of my in-game time will be spend trying to get some of my lower level alts up in level so that I can experience the new content from a variety of perspectives.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

FuBar vs TitanPanel

Okay, been using FuBar on my laptop for the last month or so instead of TitanPanel, and I think I'm going to convert. Had to say what the difference is, but I just think the features are superior. From what I've read it sounds like fubar utilizes less system resources as well, which is always nice.

What do y'all use and why?

1680x1050 goodness

Origionally posted on my guilds website.

Here's what I've got my UI looking like at 1680x1050

A few explanations as my screenshot really doesn't show it off as much as it could. Bottom left chat frame is just the system information (people logging on, etc.) without any chat channels. Bottom right chat frame is guild/party/raid/whispers. Beneath my minimap is my combat log, gotta see those big 5 point Cold Blood Eviscerates :P

The bar to the left of the minimap is my default bar which obviously switches when I stealth. The bar to the right alternates between an in combat bar and an out of combat bar. The Professions button right of that toggles a new bar with all my professions. As I now have more space I'm thinking of moving to two bars on left and two on the right without swapping for in combat and out.

Unit frames are a custom job utilizing Discord Unit Frames. The artwork at the bottom is from Discord Art. Action bars as Discord Action Bars. Moved the minimap and other things via Discord Frame Modifier.

Not visiable are CT colored buffs (stole from the Photek UI), enemy cast bars (Natur I think), KLH Threat Meters, and my ArcHud.

Well, aside of a few minor changes I think this is about how I want it. Whatcha think?

Sorry for the delay

Well, Saturday AM my laptop died (don't know why). Still under warrenty, so is getting sent in for a replacement. Of course this left me without a computer that could run WoW all weekend. Got my 20" LCD last night so I'm back. Had a couple of lengthy posts on my guild forums that I'm copying and posting here, as they're just as valid here as there.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Enchanter run

Mae the 225+ enchanting run for the first time with Repentant. Quite the pain for those who haven't done it. You have to get someone to clear the front of Uldaman for you and hope you have enough mats to get to 250 so you don't have to go again. Unfrotunately I wasn't prepeared and only levelled to 230 in there, meaning I'll have to go through it again. Oh well. Live and learn. Hopefully as I level tailoring and I can DE my products and get my tailoring to 250 before I go back. I despise that instance with a passion and set foot in there as little as possible.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Okay, I take lunch at my parents house as it is close to my work and my own home is far enough away to make going home impractical. Normally I meet my wife and son there, but today they stayed home. As I had an hour with littel to do I logged on and got into a WSG PUG.

Then the strangest thing happened, we won 3-0. First WSG victory I've seen in maybe the last 10 matches.

What made it weirder is that I was pretty far up the charts, and my UI was all messed up. I am a bit of an addon junkie and run with a pretty customized interface. Not just flash and bang, but a lot of utility type stuff. Running without that makes me feel pretty naked. So it was odd ending doing better than I normally do with half of my 'tools'.

As odd as this is, I think it can be safely attributed to a horrible Horde PUG.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

BC Rogue changes

So, Drysc posted the following here:

The rogue ability and talent preview for the Burning Crusade expansion has been live for a while, and after collecting your questions and feedback we wanted to provide you with the answers to the most common of those questions and concerns. We realize that this may not cover every question that you have; however we hope that it comprises of the majority of major questions and concerns.

  • We wanted to first state that we are currently in the process of redesigning or adjusting many of the rogue talents and some of the new abilities. We wanted to state this first as many of the concerns specific to the current talents won’t necessarily apply as they are currently under revision. The questions we have provided answers for below remain more specific to functionality of talents and abilities, and not necessarily on the side of providing information on the talent and ability design and reasoning, as many of them are already planned to be changed.

  • We’ve seen some concerns that the increased emphasis on stamina in the expansion may negatively impact the ability to do damage quickly or keep incapacitate effects applied sufficiently throughout an entire fight. We do expect that crit-based builds for all classes are going to see a general “rounding” of the effectiveness of burst damage, but from our current testing the rogue class is transitioning quite well into the expansion. We’re of course going to be keeping an eye on everything and making additional changes and adjustments as we see become necessary.

  • There have been some questions on Resilience, which is a new crit mitigation stat visible and modifiable in the expansion. The impact of this stat has been changed and now balances the mitigation between damage reduction and crit resistance. This allows more crits so that abilities depending on them are still viable, but may reduce the damage of the crit still making resilience a worthy stat. We’re going to be continuing to evaluate this mechanic and make any necessary adjustments moving forward.

  • One question that came up quite a few times was how Mutilate will work with Seal Fate. Mutilate, although combining the attacks of two weapons, is only counted as a single attack and thus only gains a single combo point from Seal Fate. The most combo points you can gain from a Mutilate attack/crit with Seal Fate would be three. Although mutilate is counted as a single special attack each weapon is rolled for separately, meaning each has the ability to crit on its own.

  • We’re currently in the process of redesigning Disembowel. We still plan to keep the synergy with poison application to some degree, but we’re currently designing it to use up the poison applications to apply additional damage..

  • New poison ranks will be available in the expansion for those that already scale. We have no new poisons currently planned beyond Anesthetic.

  • We’re going to look at the possibility of increasing application charge amounts for the various types of poisons.

  • Mutilate and Shiv are both affected normally by the off-hand damage reduction modifier, but are also affected by dual wield specialization.

  • Find Weakness works as stated and only increases damage of offensive abilities (yellow damage) and not normal auto-attacks.

  • With our current implementations poisons will affect the vast majority of bosses in the expansion.

  • A new mechanic is being introduced with the release of the expansion that will visually indicate to a rogue that a monster is able to detect or see through stealth.

  • There is a cap on run speed, and Fleet Footed would max out that cap regardless of what else was increasing your run speed. You won’t be able to stack multiple ‘increase to run speed’ modifiers beyond the max 8% increase.

  • The mechanic of thrown weapons is being changed in the expansion to be similar to a normal weapon. Once a stack is used it will remain in your inventory and can then be repaired to refill the stack, similar to repairing broken armor or weapons. This allows us to put stats on thrown weapons and itemize them as we would any other weapon.

  • Although we recently removed the ability for poisons and other temporary item buffs to persist through zones due to performance issues, we believe we have overcome those technical limitations and plan to have the functionality re-implemented for the expansion.

Thank you everyone for remaining active on the boards and taking the time to submit your questions and concerns. As we move into future talent and ability updates we hope to be able to address any more that you have. Thanks for reading!

Nothing too specific at this point, but it is interesting to see the direction Blizzard is taking the rogue, particularly the mention of "redesigning or adjusting many of the rogue talents".

I may have to respec to take daggers as:
Cheap Shot->(tick)->Seal Fate->Mutilate=5 CP in two seconds

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hunter changes

As Blizzard and a number of blogs have reported, the hunter talents and skills are out. There is a leaked list of pet abilities out there, but I'm going to avoid comment until Blizzard "officializes" them (yes, I made that word up).

Of note today is a post where Blizzard discusses a number of changes to the formulae that the hunter uses to calculate damage, dodge, and crit. What strikes me immediately is that Hunters are going to become much more viable in melee than previous. They're crit chance should be equivilant to a rogues and they'll acutally have a pretty decent chance to dodge. The reduction of RAP to 1 per Agility should have interesting effects as it will require massive reitemization, though I've yet to deduce how they'll do it. Oh, ranged DPS shouldn't change much as they are going to up the damage on ranged weapons significantly, which will actually help non-hunters also as ranged attacks will actually be somewhat useful for anything other than pulling.

In case it isn't obvious, I'm looking forward to the expansion and all the changes that will come with it.

Rank 4 and LCD woes

Okay, so I had the day off yesterday (Yeah for silly government holidays) and was going to grind some honor and AV rep. I come downstairs and sit down at the computer only to find my LCD is dead. Well, not completely dead, only mostly dead. It will turn on for all of two seconds only to die again. Researching the problem it's somekind of inverter that has died and cost of repair is nearing $200. So I said what the heck and started shopping for new moniter as I am reluctant to throw that kinda money into a 4.5 year old moniter. Ended up settling on an Acer 20" widescreen, which I will order tonight after we sort through the bills.

What does any of the above have to do with Warcraft? Well it meant that my honor grinding was done on my laptop which made it much more challenging. I'm so used to having the numeric keypad that its absence was very noticable. I'll probably just set my laptop up with my keyboard tonight and remap all my keys so I can get some kinda grind going on. Haven't tried AV on the laptop and I'm kinda scared to try. It's not the most powerful computer and gets bogged down pretty easily by WoW. Not to mention that I can now not group with my wife as we are down to one machine. Very unfortunate as this is one of the funner elements of the game for me. Pray my moniter gets here soon.

Logged in at lunch today to see that I made Rank 4, which was a pleasent surprise. Even with camping over the weekend and a dead LCD, I was able to get 90k honor in. Will have to check it from home tonight to get some sort of an idea how long I can expect to hit Rank 7. All I'm hoping for is 1 Rank a week. If I have to step it up, I suppose I can. 15k honor in a night isn't too hard to get. My plan is to get one Concerted Effort turnin per day. Assuming I am able to win AV that is. Then again haven't lost AV yet, so who knows. But 3 AB and 3 WSG is pretty decent hon0r and winning AV is great honor. The bonus from the turn in is just plain gravy.

Leveled Repentant to 35 last night. Will probably level tailoring until I run out of vendor recipies. Then I'll start saving up enchanting supplies so I can hopefully get all my vendor recipies form Uldaman in one fell swoop. 40 is within spitting distance now, so I'll proably focus on leveling him when I'm not PvPing with Sakuran.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Mediocre PvP night

Well last night was not the PvP night I was hoping for. I was on for a little bit right after work, but ended up in a Stratholme run until 7:00 when I had promised my wife I would watch My Name is Earl and The Office with her (wonderful episodes BTW). So I get back on at 8:00 and head over to the SW Chapel for an in-game service (which was wonderful BTW). That wrapped up at around 9:00, with my queue for AV popping shortly their after.

AV was horrible. The Alliance was fighting for SH making it impossible to get the Horde away from FW, and with all the combat around SH, I couldn't even stealth past without getting ganked by half a dozen Horde. That persisted for about 20 minutes when I heard my son fall and hurt himself, so I go upstairs to see if he's okay. I'm up there for a fair bit and when I come back to my computer it logs me off as /afk as soon as my butt hit my chair. So that put me at about 9:45 with 15 minutes of deserter debuff, which prevents you not only from entering a BG, but even from entering the queue! So it would be 10:00 before I could even enter the queue, which would put me at around 10:10 before getting into a BG. As I had to work this AM I gave up and went to bed. Very frustrating.

Ended up with a measly 3k honor for the day.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Been thinking a bit about the best class combination for a duo to play. First thing that comes to mine is Warrior/Priest, which is wonderful, but unoriginal. So this got me thinking of what every group really need:

  • DPS
  • Damage reduction
  • healing
  • crowd control
So, the Warrior/Priest combo can do very well at three of these areas, but are week in crowd control (undead aside). What about other classes? Rather than using my brain I reference the Class page on Wowwiki and came up with the following (not taking into account talent builds):
  • Druid
    • Great Healing and Tanking
    • Decent DPS
    • Situational CC
  • Hunter
    • Great DPS and CC
    • No Healing and limited Tanking
  • Mage
    • Great DPS and CC
    • No Healing or ability to Tank
  • Paladin
    • Great Tanking
    • Decent Healing
    • Limited DPS and CC
  • Priest
    • Great Healing
    • Capable DPS
    • Situational CC and no Tanking.
  • Rogue
    • Great DPS
    • Decent CC
    • Limited Tanking and no Healing
  • Shaman
    • Decent DPS, Healing, and Tanking
    • Limited CC
  • Warlock
    • Decent DPS
    • Pet can Tank
    • Situational CC
    • No Healing
  • Warrior
    • Great DPS and Tanking
    • No Healing or CC
Looking at the list above the only classes that are Decent or better in three areas are Druid and Shaman. Now other classes can compensate through talent builds for added strength in specific areas. For alliance I would look at substituting Hunter for Shaman as the Hunter has great DPS and CC and has a pet that can easily Tank if the Druid is Healing.

Should it be any coincidence that my wife and I just rolled a Shaman and Druid to play together?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rank 3

Logged on yesterday to find that my 70k honor was good enough to net me Sergeant (Rank 3). Quite a move up form Rank 0. Just goes to show you how much easier honor gain is at 60 than any prior levels. My current plan is to shoot for Rank 7 and 70-100k honor per week. I'll have to wait for next Tuesday to determine if I'll have to step it up higher or not. My concern is that BC should go live in the next 6-10 weeks and I'd like to have what I want from the Honor/Rep system before it all resets.

Oh, and incase anyone didn't know, when turning in honor marks from the BGs, save up for the big turn in as it is the best Honor and Rep gain.

As far as actual play is concerned, last night was awesome. Was in two winning AB games and one shut out WSG. Amazing what communication and teamwork can do for you. I even had one flag run. Didn't get into AV, but that was okay. Was more fun to get into a group with a couple of guildies for AV anyway.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Okay, so Friday night I started PvPing for the first time on Sakuran. I'd done the odd 10-19 WSG with other toons and it realy wasn't much fun, so my expectations weren't high. I certianly didn't expect to have the blast that I ended up having. I did AB and AV primarily of the weekend and ended up with some significant progress. I got ~70k honor from Friday night through Sunday night (which I'm told is fairly good) and ended up 10% into Honored with Stormpike.

One oddity I noticed is that while the Alliance sucks, I mean sucks, at AB and WSG, we won every single AV. I don't understand the difference, but regardless the rep and honor in AV were outstanding (though inflated due to AV weekend).

I actually had enough fun to respec into a PvP friendly build, 30/21/0. When BC comes out I'm not sure how I'll take it. I had origionally planned on keeping my original 31 points in Combat and simply grabbing Cold Blood/Seal Fate, but now I'm not sure. There's somthing kinda liberating about not having Sword Specialization any more. I mean, suddenly there's a whole world of weapons out there at my disposal. A nice mace drops and I can use it. A nice dagger? Same thing. Even a fist weapon. I actually forked out 200g last night for Scarlet Kris, a rediculous nice offhand weapon. It should certainly keep me happy till I hit Exalted with AV and can grab The Lobotomizer, which is just plain crazy.

The only unfortunate thing about this whole PvP thing is that the gear that's an improvement for me is found mostly in WSG and AB, or through Rank (Rank 7 and 8 Specifically). Why that is unfortunate is, as I've mentioned, that Alliance seems to suck at WSG and AB. I've been in exactly one winning AB game and 1 that was close. THe other dozen were just straight losses. Don't even get me started on WSG. And rep is gained primarily through completing the BGs objectives and then by winning. While I don't think it's impossible to get high rep with them, I don't think it'll happen by the time BC hits the shelves...

Any advice for WSG and AB? Aside from rolling Horde?