Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hunter fun

So, my hunter Laic is at 61 now, halfway to 62. Been spending a lot of time reading about hunter mechanics and thinking about how to utilize him best. I'm currently planning a bit of an odd-ball survival build 5/11/45. Most deep survival builds end up with some sort of 0/21/40, option for Scatter Shot rather than the last 6 points in Survival, which is understandable. At any rate, it'll be a fun experiment.

I picked up a crossbow quest reward last night and spent this morning leveling that skill, went 1-260 autoshotting a BL servent before I had to get to work and will probably hit the rest over lunch. Need to get on Sak to make a Quiver as I've been a gun hunter since oh, level 10?

Really looking for 62 so I can pick up Steady Shot and start getting used to working with a shot rotation, rather than just spamming Arcane/Multi shot when they're not on cooldown.

Pet wise I'm working on two pets. A level 61 blue ravage from western HfP, I like the alien look and gore is great DPS. Also have a level 58 or 59 blue carrion bird from Deadwind Pass that is working out great. Screech is an amazing skill hold threat like a champ and the AoE component seems to generate enough threat to allow me to throw a Mend Pet up without pulling adds.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

another 60, another epic, and soon another UI

So, Laic hit 60 this week. I'm again amazed at how fast the Outlands levels you. Levels 55-58 seemed to take forever. I dinged 58 on Tuesday of last week and hit 59 the next day. I then wasn't able to play for several days and I think 60 came about as fast. Simply amazing.

I also got my mining up to 290 in there so I was able to stop spending my lunch hour running around Burning Steppes searching for Thorium. Here's to Goblin engineering for +5 and enchanted gloves for another +5.

Tamed a Ravager at 59, which is lots of fun. Working on getting his loyalty up so I can max his skills. Not sure if I prefer him to my cat, but it's a nice diversion if nothing else.

I respecced back to Survival, I think I prefer it. I enjoy the utility of the build. DPS is nice, but I already have enough of that with Sakuran, so emphasizing utility differentiates the class for me.

I'm in the process of redoing my UI. I've got a layout in mind that I want to achieve, just need the time to make it happen. Here's a really bad MS paint (I hate Windows) bitmap of my plan:

My house is showing now with a vast majority of the large projects finished last weekend. This should allow me to get a bit more game time and, as such, a bit more blogging. Now someone hurry up and buy my house...

Oh, and on an unrelated note: