Wednesday, June 06, 2007

another 60, another epic, and soon another UI

So, Laic hit 60 this week. I'm again amazed at how fast the Outlands levels you. Levels 55-58 seemed to take forever. I dinged 58 on Tuesday of last week and hit 59 the next day. I then wasn't able to play for several days and I think 60 came about as fast. Simply amazing.

I also got my mining up to 290 in there so I was able to stop spending my lunch hour running around Burning Steppes searching for Thorium. Here's to Goblin engineering for +5 and enchanted gloves for another +5.

Tamed a Ravager at 59, which is lots of fun. Working on getting his loyalty up so I can max his skills. Not sure if I prefer him to my cat, but it's a nice diversion if nothing else.

I respecced back to Survival, I think I prefer it. I enjoy the utility of the build. DPS is nice, but I already have enough of that with Sakuran, so emphasizing utility differentiates the class for me.

I'm in the process of redoing my UI. I've got a layout in mind that I want to achieve, just need the time to make it happen. Here's a really bad MS paint (I hate Windows) bitmap of my plan:

My house is showing now with a vast majority of the large projects finished last weekend. This should allow me to get a bit more game time and, as such, a bit more blogging. Now someone hurry up and buy my house...

Oh, and on an unrelated note:

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