Wednesday, August 23, 2006

First Post (original title FTW)

Okay, here's the deal. I'm going to post my random musings about WoW here. When I find cool addons I'll post them. When I do something cool in game, I'll post about it. Basically this'll be my WoW diary. I'm fairly certain that very, very few people will actually look at this, which is fine by me.

A bit about me. I'm 25 years old, married with kid, mortgage, two car payments. I'm born/raised/presently live in NE Wyoming and work in the Juvenile Justice area. I'm a left wing Christian (no, not an oxymoron) who is unfortunately registered as a Republican (only way one can have any say in local politics). I enjoy gaming (duh), camping, contemporary japanese culture, ancient chinese culture, and spending time with family.

In game I would classify myself as an obsessive casual. I guess that would mean that I play a lot, but can't really commit to that much uninterupted play time. In spite of appearences my family does come first. I've recently committed myself to less time in game as I was letting it get out of hand. That being said I am trying not to get on the game before 7:30 and to only raid once a week. I play almost exclusively on Stormrage (PvE).

My main is Sakuran a 60 NE rogue (combat swords). I just hit 60 on July 26th so I'm still trying to run Scholo/Strat/UBRS for my Tier 0 gear. I'm impatient and have a lot of time in game without a group, so I've upgraded the BoE pieces (gloves, belt, bracers) to Tier .5 already. I really like the rogue and top the DPS charts on most all the runs I'm on, but everyone and their dog has a 60 rogue to bring on runs.

Creations of the Light, my guild, is short priests, so my primary alt is Repentant. A Human Priest (didn't realize that dwarves were more needed till I dinged 25) currently at levle 31. I'm grinding him when I'm not playing Sakuran. He is currently shadow spec as it's about the only way to grind a priest. I'm thinking I'll start trying to get into SM groups for xp as I abhore STV.

If we weren't short priests, I'd be working on Laic, my NE hunter, currently 23. I find him very fun to play, in large part to high DPS and the pet. However I've noticed that I get pretty cocky with him and try to take on too many or too high of levels.

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