Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Official BC rogue talents/skills

Well, basically the leaked stuff I posted earlier was mostly right. The 41 point talents in Combat and Assanination were incorrect, here are the correct versions:


Mutilate Assassination- 41 point talent
60 energy
Requires Daggers
Instantly attack with both weapons. Has an additonal 30% chance to critically hit Poisoned targets. Must be behind the target. Awards 2 Combo points.
Very nice ability for Dagger rogues. I would imagine that this can almost replace Backstab a lot of the time, would have to run the number to find out for sure. And since I'm not a dagger rogue, that'll be unlikely. Kinda makes up for the lackluster Vigor.

Surprise Attacks Combat - 41 point talent
Your Sinister Strike, Gouge, and Backstab abilities can no longer be dodged.
Ummm... This seems to be a really poor talent to me, well for PvE that is. PvP it could be very nice. However unless they're going to introduce a bunch of mobs with higher than a 5% chance to dodge, this seems like a wasted talent point. Guess I can go 21/40/0 and pick up Cold Blood.

Couple of things I'm excited about here:

Disembowl-a buffed version of Eviscerate that requires, for maximum effect, 5 applications of Deadly Poison, which happens to be my primary poison. Hopefully they'll adjust Improved Eviscerate and Aggression as I think with the +21% damage to Eviscerate, it may out damage Disembowl.

Shiv - It's an off-hand instant attack for 40 energy and a 100% chance to apply poison. Slower weapons require more energy. I know I'll use this, I just am not sure how I'll use it. It could go well with Deadly poison on the off hand and simply substitute Shiv for SS whenever there are less than 5 application on the opposing Mob. Or you could use it with the new Anesthetic poison as a secondary feint. I'm just not sure what is better. Off the top of my head I'm leaning towards keeping Deadly on my main hand and having Anesthetic on my off-hand. One could then write a macro that would incorporate SS and Shiv into one mashing button. You could either SS whenever fewer that 5 Deadly Poisons were up or Shiv after 4 SS. Could make for some very interesting decisions. You could keep up the 5-5-3 rotation without having to worry much about Aggro, which is always a good thing. Currently I feint quite a bit just to make sure I'm not getting too high on the hate list.

Things I'm not as excited about
Garrote - now silences the mob for 4 seconds. Could be nice for pulling casters.
Deadly Throw - really don't get this one. Guess you can use it to finish off mobs who are running from you. Could mean fewer uses for Crippling Poison.
Evasion - New rank decreases the likelyhood of getting hit by ranged attacks. Nice for PvP, limited PvE application.

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