Thursday, August 24, 2006

Leaked Burning Crusaded Talents and Skills - Rogues

Okay, found this at Curse-Gaming. I'll focus on Rogue stuff as that's what I'm most interested in. My comments are in red.

Assassination Talents
Tier 5

  • Fleet Footed 0/2
    Increases your chance to resist movement impairing effects by 5% and increases your movement speed by 4%. This does not stack with other movement speed increasing effects.
    PvP talent. Nice, but nothing spectacular.
  • Quick Recovery 0/2
    All healing effects on you are increased by 10%. In addition, your finishing moves cost 40% less Energy when they fail to hit.
    First off, you shouldn't be missing finishers, so the second half isn't worth talent points. That leave upto 20% increased healing effects. Could be nice but I really don't see this as worth talent points.
Tier 6
  • Master Poisoner 0/2
    Reduces the chance your poisons will be resisted by 2% and increases your chance to resist Poison effects by an additional 15%
    I primarily see this useful in PvP vs. other rogues. Though it could see merit in certain PvE zones **cough** Sithilus.
Tier 7
  • Deadened Nerves 0/5
    Decreases all physical damage taken by 1%
    Nice concept, but with all the +dodge a good rogue will have, I see this as curious damage mitigation. Could be very nice when grinding to 70, but in instances we shouldn't have aggro and if we do I'd count on dodging attacks rather than damage reduction.
Tier 8
  • Find Weakness 0/5
    Your finishing moves increase the damage of all offensive abilities by 2% for 10 sec.
    What I find most interesting here is that it states nothing about the number of CP used in that finishing moves. Interesting to see how it would work out to SS, SnD, SS, SS, Rupture. Without really sitting down and looking, it appears that you could constantly maintain this with decent damage output.
Tier 9
  • Surprise Attack
    Requires 1 point in Vigor
    30 Energy, 5 yd range, Instant, 15 sec cooldown
    Requires Melee Weapon
    A strike that deals 100% weapon damage. This attack cannot be blocked, dodged or parried. Awards 1 combo point.
    Interesting, but not what I could expect to see from a 41 point talent. I'd at least expect to see some +damage or something. But then again, Vigor is hardly a standout 31 point talent.
Tier 7
  • Vitality 0/2
    Increases your Stamina by 3%
    Huh. 6% stamina bonus. I guess more HP is nice, but not what I expect to find in the Rogue Combat tree.
  • Nerves of Steel 0/2
    Increases your chance to resist Stun and Fear effects by an additional 5%
    PvP talent. I'd really only see it in a PvE build as filler.
Tier 8
  • Blade Twisting 0/5
    Gives your Sinister Strike, Backstab, Gouge, and Shiv abilities a 5% chance to Daze the target for 8 sec.
    Very nice. Could keep a mob Dazed for a good percentage of the time. 25% off a SS is nothing to frown at. You can get two SS every 8 seconds, and it's probable (>50%) that you're get one daze off once per three SS, which translates to around mobs being dazed ~66% of the time.
Tier 9
  • Shadow Strikes
    Requires 1 point in Adrenaline Rush
    All melee attacks against Poisoned or Dazed targets cause an additonal Shadow Damage equal to 10% of weapon damage.
    Very little reason that a Combat rogue should ever have a mob unpoisoned or undazed (with Blade Twisting that is). Deadly poison on MH should always be in effect and unless cleansed will likely stay on the mob the length of the battle. You're effectively looking at a 10% increase to your white damage which is not insignificant.
Tier 7
  • Enveloping Shadows 0/3
    Increases your chance to avoid area effect attacks by an additonal 5%.
    Nice, gives rogues a chance to avoid some spells, which is sorely needed. But why spend points here when you have:
  • Cheat Death 0/5
    You have a 4% chance to completely avoid any damaging attack that would otherwise kill you.
    This is major. Basically you have a 1 in 5 chance of not getting killed. That can mean all the difference in the world with laggy heals. Sure you're still going to die a lot but 20% reduction is major! Now if you're DOT'd you'll probably just die on the next tick, but hey, still nice!
Tier 8
  • Sinister Calling
    Requires 1 point in Premeditation
    Increases your Agility by 2%
    Grrr.... Not only does this tree have the +AP talents, but they need +AGI as well... I'd respec, but I'd too attached to Swords :P
Tier 9
  • Cloak of Shadows
    Instant, 2 min cooldown
    When activated, you become immune to all spells for 4 sec. This will not remove existing effects, though you will be immune to the effects while Cloak of Shadows is active.
    I can see this as useful when you know the mob/boss is casting something big and it'll take you out. If you don't have an interupt handy this'll keep you alive. My end-game experience is limited, but I'm sure it'll be most useful on raid bosses.
  • Deadly Throw
    Ranged finisher. 5 CP deals thrown damage + 468-564
    Okay, if there is no ranged way to get CP, why do we need a ranged finisher?
  • Mutilate
    60 energy, daggers, instant attack with both weapons gives 2 combo points.
    Nice, but I imagine that Backstab will still out damage this, but for CP generation this is tops. I am assuming it will deal straight weapon damage.
  • Shiv
    Instant attack with off-hand weapon. 100% chance to apply off-hand poison. Energy cost varies with weapon speed.
    Three things I want to know, 1) is there a cooldown, 2) Energy cost, and 3) does it award CP? Depending on those answers this would be nice to mesh with off-hand use of Anasthetic poison below as a second feint (always up).
  • Anasthetic Poison
    30% chance to reduce threat by moderate amount. 120 charges.
    If it works as advertised this will easily be my off-hand poison for groups.

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