Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Discord, pt 2.

Okay, I set up Discord on my laptop last night and it was a lot less painful than I expected. Before logging into WoW I coppied the addons from my desktop to my laptop (rather than re-download). I also copied the settings from the saved variables folder on my desktop, this let me avoid having to set up all my bars/unit frames/art/etc. again. Of course the aspect ratio on my laptop is different from my desktop so I sill had to move some stuff around, but it was very painless. One thing that I did and hadn't done before was set up my chat windows the way I like and then copy the Chat Chache and I think Layout files from one characters saved variables and paste into each other characters. I don't know why I had never thought to do this before with all the various chat frame setups I've had. Still need to remember to post a screen shot while I'm at home as I can't while at work. Of course I'd much rather be playing WoW when I'm at home... I can quit anytime, honest :P

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