Thursday, September 07, 2006


Okay, took the plunge and installed all the Discord mods. Action Bars, Unit Frames, Frame Modifier, Art, and Minipanels. Will eventually get around to playing with Group Buttons. My first victim was Sakuran. Ended up with a very nice UI with a couple of neat features. Have two bars that interchange based on whether I'm in or out of combat, very nice. My main bar has all my main attacks and finishers. I need to setup a fouth bar for tradeskills, just haven't got around to it yet. Next step is to modify it to Repentant and Laic. Both should be somewhat challenging as Repentant is a healer and will need to incorporate Group Buttons (or maybe just stick with Benecast) and Laic has all his traps/aspects/tracking to incorporate.

What's kept me from using it till now is my concern about how it'll screw up playing on multiple machines. I primarily play on my desktop but do a far bit on laptop. In addition I sometimes play on my fathers laptop when I'm over at his house. Setting everything up on three computers will suck, but thus far I think the benefits will outway the cons.

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