Monday, December 11, 2006

I <3 Mutilate

So, here's a number crunchy explanation

MH Damage: 146-199, 95.6 DPS
OH Damage: 57-77, 44.8 DPS

Mutliate: 60 energy, instant attack with each weapon +88 (IIRC). +50% damage if opponent is poisoned. +20% damage from points in Subtlety. +30% crit damage from points in Assassination. Grants 2 CP.

So, without poison...
Base Mutilate: 487 damage
Mutilate with MH Crit: 999 damage
Mutilate with OH Crit: 796 damage
Mutilate with both Crit: 1297 damage
and with poison
Base Mutilate: 747.9damage
Mutilate with MH Crit: 1498 damage
Mutilate with OH Crit: 1194 damage
Mutilate with both Crit: 1944.54 damage

Now, I have around a 20% chance to crit, unbuffed. Since each weapons crit is calculated independantly I have a 64% that neither crit, 16% MH only, 16% OH only, and 4% that both crit. Taking that I get an average damage (crit included):

Mutilate w/o Poison: 658 damage
Mutilate w/ Poison: 987 damage

Also due to talents I have a 100% of getting an extra CP from any ability that grats CP that crits. With mutilate that means I have a 36% of getting a third CP.

So, as an opener I can do the following:
Energy Skill
110 Base
50 Cheap Shot
70 -tick-
10 Mutilate
30 -tick- Cheap Shot breaks
5 Kindey Shot (Find Weakness +10% damage, Improved Kidney Shot +9% damage)
25 -tick-
45 -tick-
65 -tick- Kidney Shot breaks
5 Mutilate
So, for those 10 seconds I've got my opponent locked down, and done roughly 1746 white damage and, on average, 658 damage from the first mutilate (assuming I didn't proc a poison off my initial hits) and 1086 damage off the second (presuming poison procced somewhere in there, taking into account the +10% damage bonus from Find Weakness). Grand total for damage is 3490.

None of the abilities listed above can be broke by damage, so I am free to use Deadly Poison V, which deals 136 damage over 12 seconds and stacks up to 5 times, for a total of nearly 680 damage over 12 seconds. With a full stack that's 113 damage per tick.

Now, if I wanted to I could Cold Blood that last mutilate to bring it's damage up to around 2139, pushing my total damage deal in that 10 seconds (not including poison damage) to around 4542 damage.

At this point my opponent is free, but DOT'd and crippled and I've got 3 CP :P

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