Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Back to the alts...

So, since I've really stopped PvPing again with Sakuran I've taken to leveling Laic and Repentant. Well mostly leveling Laic and using Repentant as a healer for instances. My hunter is sitting pretty at almost level 45 and Repentant just dinged 38. I am contemplating doing some PvP with Repentant, just to get a feel for how PvP is with a priest. I'll hold off doing anything PvP wise with Laic until 51 when I can start AV with him, the rewards for that first quest are just too nice.

Speaking of Laic I've gotten pretty comfortable with soloing with him. I'm currently 34 points into survival, primarily to pick up Wyvern Sting (which I love). My basic pull is macro'd as follows

/castsequence reset=combat Hunter's Mark, Serpent Sting, Concussive Shot
The first button press sends in the pet and casts Hunter's Mark. I wait for my pets first growl to go off (auto-cast) then I hit it again for the Sing. Then just auto-shot to victory. The Concussive Shot is for accidently pulling aggro or for mobs that flee when near death. If I get one add I hit it with Wyvern Sting, which usually puts it to sleep long enough to finish the first (or else I just melee it down). If I get two adds I'll drop a Ice Trap, hit multi shot to get the two coming after men and then immediately cast Wyvern Sting. I usually have enough time to get the cast off before they're on me. One stung, one frozen, and the one my pet is on, mostly dead. After that I'll just put the pet on the mob I stung and melee the blocked one. As I'm survival specced, I do enough damage with melee to take them out. If I get in trouble I can always root, kite, and drop another freeze trap.

On Saturday (I think) I spent a couple of hours on my Hunter grinding the Highborne in Azshara with a priest in the guild. Amazingly enough, there was nobody else on them and we were uninterupted. Having a constant renew of my pet meant we had ZERO downtime. I'd just use Autoshot and he'd wand away and the mobs would just drop. Undead tracking enabled us to make very, very fast time and the XP just flew by. Might have to make a return trip pretty soon :P

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