Monday, September 17, 2007

Still dreaming of Terokk's Quill

Laic is still dreaming of [Terokk's Quill], but my play time recently has been little and none. Finally moved into the new house last weekend, which unfortunately meant a week without internet access. Now that my access is back, while I wait for a group I'm doing the quest than that ultimately rewards [Malefactor's Eyepatch], which is going to be a nice upgrade as I'm still using the [Helm of Lupine Grace] from Terokkar Forest.

Where Laic's at right now:

My guild is finally getting people attuned for Kara and look at starting to run it in a week or two. For those of you how raid actively, we are a real casual guild. Most of our members have way too many alts, very irregular play schedules, and little desire to take the game 'seriously'. Honestly I like that as it fits my view towards the game. That being said I'm looking forward to something a bit more coordinated and 'serious'.

As Sakuran is going to be my raid toon, I've been thinking about how to spec her. Up till now the 5-man content/solo stuff she's been doing hasn't required her to go for a pure DPS build. Her current 17/0/44 is working just fine and with some of our under-geared tanks I have to hold back my DPS. But when we raid I want to make sure I am capable of bringing as much to the table as possible. That being said I'm not sure I can stomach going back to a combat build (100-120 DPS increase). It's so...boring. So, as a compromise I'm planning on going to 30/0/31 which should allow me higher DPS (60 more according to the spreadsheet) while still allowing the luxury of my subtlety talents that I enjoy so much. I'll miss Shadowstep, but I did love Seal Fate back in the day and I'm sure it'll make up for it.

Here's Sakuran right now:

edit: Item linking courtesy of Armory Musings by way of BigRedKitty.


Samownall said...

Want to be no1 dps - roll a lock :) Rogues are fun though tbh.

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s4dfish said...

There's more to the game than big yellow numbers on my screen.