Tuesday, October 17, 2006

1680x1050 goodness

Origionally posted on my guilds website.

Here's what I've got my UI looking like at 1680x1050

A few explanations as my screenshot really doesn't show it off as much as it could. Bottom left chat frame is just the system information (people logging on, etc.) without any chat channels. Bottom right chat frame is guild/party/raid/whispers. Beneath my minimap is my combat log, gotta see those big 5 point Cold Blood Eviscerates :P

The bar to the left of the minimap is my default bar which obviously switches when I stealth. The bar to the right alternates between an in combat bar and an out of combat bar. The Professions button right of that toggles a new bar with all my professions. As I now have more space I'm thinking of moving to two bars on left and two on the right without swapping for in combat and out.

Unit frames are a custom job utilizing Discord Unit Frames. The artwork at the bottom is from Discord Art. Action bars as Discord Action Bars. Moved the minimap and other things via Discord Frame Modifier.

Not visiable are CT colored buffs (stole from the Photek UI), enemy cast bars (Natur I think), KLH Threat Meters, and my ArcHud.

Well, aside of a few minor changes I think this is about how I want it. Whatcha think?

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