Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rank 3

Logged on yesterday to find that my 70k honor was good enough to net me Sergeant (Rank 3). Quite a move up form Rank 0. Just goes to show you how much easier honor gain is at 60 than any prior levels. My current plan is to shoot for Rank 7 and 70-100k honor per week. I'll have to wait for next Tuesday to determine if I'll have to step it up higher or not. My concern is that BC should go live in the next 6-10 weeks and I'd like to have what I want from the Honor/Rep system before it all resets.

Oh, and incase anyone didn't know, when turning in honor marks from the BGs, save up for the big turn in as it is the best Honor and Rep gain.

As far as actual play is concerned, last night was awesome. Was in two winning AB games and one shut out WSG. Amazing what communication and teamwork can do for you. I even had one flag run. Didn't get into AV, but that was okay. Was more fun to get into a group with a couple of guildies for AV anyway.

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