Monday, October 30, 2006

100k Honor and counting

After a long, long day of PvP on Saturday, and a bit yesterday, I have 100,000 honor. That should be enough to put me up to Rank 6. I'm guessing that it will translate to 9,000 CP, which after decay should be enough to put me well into Rank 6.

AV honor weekend is crazy fun. As I try to save my tokens for Concerted Effort turn ins I need to get into a lot of AB and WSG. I think I'm currently sitting on 15 AV tokens and maybe 1 each for WSG and AB. Question of the day: do I continue to hold onto the tokens for CE effort or turn in everything tonight to try and boost my honor as high as possible? I'm leaning towards the latter as I'm usually able to get enough AB and WSG tokens for one AV a night, and I've yet to see AV be the bottleneck.

Also speaking of AV, Exalted is getting close, only around 8,000 rep to go. I'm sure I'll finish that up this week sometime.


Kinless said...

Yeah, it was a long weekend. Msaker, my 60 Orc Warrior, earned about 60k honor this week, but Aracarius, my 54 NE Hunter, earned something about 110-120k honor. Really not bad.

Msaker was in another winning AV match. One. And Arcarius was in one losing match. (And the last match we pulled out a win with second to spare. We killed Drek as I'm sure the executes were landing on Van. Whew! 74 minutes of chaos.)

Msaker's shooting for Rank 7, and Arcarius, now Rank 4, with 110k honor, I'm wondering if he'll just jump to Rank 6?

s4dfish said...

I don't know what the conversion of honor to RP is on your server. On mine it seems to be around 80,000 honor gets you about 6,000 RP. I think I ended up with 130k this week (had great luck last night), and hoping that translates to ~10000 RP, which after decay should almost get me Rank 7.

I've heard others mention that AV is evening out a bit. Horde are at least winning a few on the Ruin Battlegroup. I have yet to personally experience it, but they've been getting closer. Had one where they took our RH and SP, I think at that point it was just a race. Thankfully we won it :P