Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rank 4 and LCD woes

Okay, so I had the day off yesterday (Yeah for silly government holidays) and was going to grind some honor and AV rep. I come downstairs and sit down at the computer only to find my LCD is dead. Well, not completely dead, only mostly dead. It will turn on for all of two seconds only to die again. Researching the problem it's somekind of inverter that has died and cost of repair is nearing $200. So I said what the heck and started shopping for new moniter as I am reluctant to throw that kinda money into a 4.5 year old moniter. Ended up settling on an Acer 20" widescreen, which I will order tonight after we sort through the bills.

What does any of the above have to do with Warcraft? Well it meant that my honor grinding was done on my laptop which made it much more challenging. I'm so used to having the numeric keypad that its absence was very noticable. I'll probably just set my laptop up with my keyboard tonight and remap all my keys so I can get some kinda grind going on. Haven't tried AV on the laptop and I'm kinda scared to try. It's not the most powerful computer and gets bogged down pretty easily by WoW. Not to mention that I can now not group with my wife as we are down to one machine. Very unfortunate as this is one of the funner elements of the game for me. Pray my moniter gets here soon.

Logged in at lunch today to see that I made Rank 4, which was a pleasent surprise. Even with camping over the weekend and a dead LCD, I was able to get 90k honor in. Will have to check it from home tonight to get some sort of an idea how long I can expect to hit Rank 7. All I'm hoping for is 1 Rank a week. If I have to step it up, I suppose I can. 15k honor in a night isn't too hard to get. My plan is to get one Concerted Effort turnin per day. Assuming I am able to win AV that is. Then again haven't lost AV yet, so who knows. But 3 AB and 3 WSG is pretty decent hon0r and winning AV is great honor. The bonus from the turn in is just plain gravy.

Leveled Repentant to 35 last night. Will probably level tailoring until I run out of vendor recipies. Then I'll start saving up enchanting supplies so I can hopefully get all my vendor recipies form Uldaman in one fell swoop. 40 is within spitting distance now, so I'll proably focus on leveling him when I'm not PvPing with Sakuran.


Kinless said...

"Assuming I am able to win AV that is. Then again haven't lost AV yet, so who knows."

Rub it in why don't ya?

Need salt?


s4dfish said...

Bah, I get gloat about AV. Winning 1/10 WSG and 1/5 AB makes honor gain enough of a problem. If we couldn't win AV regularly I'd have to bash my head into a wall. Which would hurt...

Jesse said...

That really sucks about your LCD. At least they're cheaper now.