Tuesday, October 17, 2006

FuBar vs TitanPanel

Okay, been using FuBar on my laptop for the last month or so instead of TitanPanel, and I think I'm going to convert. Had to say what the difference is, but I just think the features are superior. From what I've read it sounds like fubar utilizes less system resources as well, which is always nice.

What do y'all use and why?

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Kinless said...

I switched from Titan to Fubar.

And I switched from Decursive to Detox, CT_Raid (no longer a raider) to Squishy and CorkFu.

Basically I converted as much as I could to Ace/Ace2 versions of it.

I was experiencing incredible lag with certain characters (my Orc Warrior). Once I switched over all such lag vanished. Very smooth gameplay.