Monday, October 02, 2006


Okay, so Friday night I started PvPing for the first time on Sakuran. I'd done the odd 10-19 WSG with other toons and it realy wasn't much fun, so my expectations weren't high. I certianly didn't expect to have the blast that I ended up having. I did AB and AV primarily of the weekend and ended up with some significant progress. I got ~70k honor from Friday night through Sunday night (which I'm told is fairly good) and ended up 10% into Honored with Stormpike.

One oddity I noticed is that while the Alliance sucks, I mean sucks, at AB and WSG, we won every single AV. I don't understand the difference, but regardless the rep and honor in AV were outstanding (though inflated due to AV weekend).

I actually had enough fun to respec into a PvP friendly build, 30/21/0. When BC comes out I'm not sure how I'll take it. I had origionally planned on keeping my original 31 points in Combat and simply grabbing Cold Blood/Seal Fate, but now I'm not sure. There's somthing kinda liberating about not having Sword Specialization any more. I mean, suddenly there's a whole world of weapons out there at my disposal. A nice mace drops and I can use it. A nice dagger? Same thing. Even a fist weapon. I actually forked out 200g last night for Scarlet Kris, a rediculous nice offhand weapon. It should certainly keep me happy till I hit Exalted with AV and can grab The Lobotomizer, which is just plain crazy.

The only unfortunate thing about this whole PvP thing is that the gear that's an improvement for me is found mostly in WSG and AB, or through Rank (Rank 7 and 8 Specifically). Why that is unfortunate is, as I've mentioned, that Alliance seems to suck at WSG and AB. I've been in exactly one winning AB game and 1 that was close. THe other dozen were just straight losses. Don't even get me started on WSG. And rep is gained primarily through completing the BGs objectives and then by winning. While I don't think it's impossible to get high rep with them, I don't think it'll happen by the time BC hits the shelves...

Any advice for WSG and AB? Aside from rolling Horde?


Kinless said...

Good news for me, about WSG and AB, since I am Horde.

I hear you totally about AV though. Horde always seems to lose there. I'd swear the terrain and NPC placement favors Alliance vs. Horde.

HOWEVER! This weekend my 55 Orc Warrior went in and we won 3 times in a row. Twice when I was sure we were being devastated. Normally the Alliance always mount a small defence, we can't take Stormpike Graveyard, and the Alliance just ride into Frostwolf, riding through the gate, jumping the fences, it's not even funny.

Putting up a little defense, and holding it, appears to help both sides. (Our easy win in AV came from a straight rush on the part of both factions to the other's General. No defence, just race. The other two ... the Alliance held the entire field, but they didn't defend their General or bother ours.)

Hey, hey, next two BG weekends are WSG and AB.

s4dfish said...

I actually was in two AB's last night and on winning WSG, shut out even. Was a rarity though and I maintain that Horde wins ~75% of them, at least given the PUGs I end up playing in.

Oh, and a :cookie: for my first commentor !