Friday, October 20, 2006

Now, why exactly am I doing this?

So, last night it occured to me that I was on a grind that will be meaningless in two months. I had set a goal to reach Rank 8 before BC hits as I wanted the 4 pieces of the blue PvP set. After reading a number of posts about the gear that is dropping in the BC beta, it looks like Rank 7 and 8 gear would only last me a few levels. So why exactly am I grinding 2-3 hours a night for honor?

It also appears that a number of raiders are experiencing the same feelings I am. Why bust your butt in MC/BWL/AQ40/Naxx when that gear is going to be replaced fairly soon? The AQ40/Naxx gear should last you till near 70, so I imagine folks in those instances will continue to slog through them The rest of us who are looking at superior greens in the first BC dungeons have to ask ourselves, why am I grinding?

That being said, I have enjoyed PvP and don't plan to drop it all together, but I am not going to concern myself with getting X amount of honor per night/week. I'll still queue a bunch on Saturday and Sunday, but anticipate that a majority of my in-game time will be spend trying to get some of my lower level alts up in level so that I can experience the new content from a variety of perspectives.

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