Friday, October 13, 2006

Enchanter run

Mae the 225+ enchanting run for the first time with Repentant. Quite the pain for those who haven't done it. You have to get someone to clear the front of Uldaman for you and hope you have enough mats to get to 250 so you don't have to go again. Unfrotunately I wasn't prepeared and only levelled to 230 in there, meaning I'll have to go through it again. Oh well. Live and learn. Hopefully as I level tailoring and I can DE my products and get my tailoring to 250 before I go back. I despise that instance with a passion and set foot in there as little as possible.


Jesse said...

It is for that exact reason that I never took enchanting past 150. I'd want to wait until I hit 60 and learn enchanting late by clearing out low-level dungeons solo.

s4dfish said...

Aside from the Uldaman aspect, levelling enchanting is kinda easy as long as you are levelling tailoring right along side it. Simply DE all the greens you make and you should end up with close to enough reagents to level it.