Thursday, October 12, 2006


Okay, I take lunch at my parents house as it is close to my work and my own home is far enough away to make going home impractical. Normally I meet my wife and son there, but today they stayed home. As I had an hour with littel to do I logged on and got into a WSG PUG.

Then the strangest thing happened, we won 3-0. First WSG victory I've seen in maybe the last 10 matches.

What made it weirder is that I was pretty far up the charts, and my UI was all messed up. I am a bit of an addon junkie and run with a pretty customized interface. Not just flash and bang, but a lot of utility type stuff. Running without that makes me feel pretty naked. So it was odd ending doing better than I normally do with half of my 'tools'.

As odd as this is, I think it can be safely attributed to a horrible Horde PUG.


Jesse said...

LOL. that add-on junkie is sooo me, too. They can really enhance the experience, like Auctioneer and Mob info.

s4dfish said...

Yup, you can really grow dependant on them. Most of what messes me up is that I use Discord Action Bars and have a bit of scripting programmed in. So when I translate to a vanilla install I don't have access to almost anything.

Auctioneer > Me