Friday, October 06, 2006

Mediocre PvP night

Well last night was not the PvP night I was hoping for. I was on for a little bit right after work, but ended up in a Stratholme run until 7:00 when I had promised my wife I would watch My Name is Earl and The Office with her (wonderful episodes BTW). So I get back on at 8:00 and head over to the SW Chapel for an in-game service (which was wonderful BTW). That wrapped up at around 9:00, with my queue for AV popping shortly their after.

AV was horrible. The Alliance was fighting for SH making it impossible to get the Horde away from FW, and with all the combat around SH, I couldn't even stealth past without getting ganked by half a dozen Horde. That persisted for about 20 minutes when I heard my son fall and hurt himself, so I go upstairs to see if he's okay. I'm up there for a fair bit and when I come back to my computer it logs me off as /afk as soon as my butt hit my chair. So that put me at about 9:45 with 15 minutes of deserter debuff, which prevents you not only from entering a BG, but even from entering the queue! So it would be 10:00 before I could even enter the queue, which would put me at around 10:10 before getting into a BG. As I had to work this AM I gave up and went to bed. Very frustrating.

Ended up with a measly 3k honor for the day.

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