Tuesday, November 07, 2006

BG screenshots from last weekend

A few screenshots from the last weekend. Certainly not a complete detailing of my weekend, but the highlights.

  • A very long, but ultimately successful WSG.

  • A longish AV.

  • A shortish AV.

  • A losing AB, but what was fun about this is that I ran straight to the farm, stealthed, beat up a mage, capped the flag, beat up the mage again, then got swarmed by the Horde. Gotta love cold-blood ambush.

  • Was able to fill out a partial premade who proceeded to whump the opposition. Pretty sure this was the same premade I group with last week.

  • Then I caught them in WSG and enjoyed winning with them again.

  • Lastly a PUG WSG where the Alliance actually played to win, and, well, won.

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