Monday, November 06, 2006

Return of the laptop

So, my laptop arrived today, which I am very excited about. As much fun as I'm having with PvP, I think I actually have more fun playing a level 5 Druid with my wife's level 5 Shaman. It's very nice being able to play the game with her instead of just staring at the computer while she goes about her evening.

Oh, and WoW while laying in bed with insomnia is not to be underestimated :P. Though who knows if WoW is helping or causing my insomnia. Much like the great line in Twin Peaks:

James: Why did you start smoking?
Donna: It helps relieve tension.
James: When did you get so tense?
Donna: When I started smoking.
Something along those lines, though no doubt I'm butchering the line. As I mentioned before though, PvP with the laptop is a mixed bag. AB and WSG run okay, but AV is almost out of the question, certainly can't try to play D with it.

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