Monday, November 06, 2006

Role Play

Okay, after being inspired by Kinless' Chronicles I've got my guild doing a RP night on Twisting Nether. I'm kinda nervous about it, because as much experience as I have with RP games, I'm not a very good at RP. I'm great at coming up with backstory, but being IC is really hard for me. That being said it looks like a lot of people are interested in it, posting the backstories on the forums and such. I'm hopeful that it will be another fun thing for the guild to do together.

That being said, here's part 1 on my Tauren Shaman Magankan:

Magankan, a Shaman of the Skychaster Tribe.

At first impression, Magankan appears older than he really is. While barely out of his adolescence, Magankan has seen more than many Tauren twice his age. Somewhat cold in affect with a distant gaze, Magankan often comes across as aloof, which is not the case. Rather, Magankan has seen the death of those close to him and that sense of loss is never far from him.

Magankan was named after a Great Tauren of the Skychaser tribe. Long before the formation of the Horde, before the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth, before even the Orcs came from beyond the Dark Portal; the Tauren warred with the foul Centaur. While the Tauren had Strength and Honor on their side, the centaur perverted nature and used it as a weapon, nay a slave.

The mightiest of the Tauren Shaman, Magankan, called out to the uncorrupted spirits of the land and asked them to strike down the foul Centaur that balance might be restored. That day fire and stone rained from the sky and destroyed the bulk of the centaur forces. However, the cost of vicotry was more than Magankan could bear. Many spirits had sacrificed themselves that they might free their bretheren from corruption. Those that remained always felt the searing heat of that flame and the weight of that stone. All of Magankan's descendants shared a charred black hide, that they might never forget the sacrifices that were made that day.

The young Magankan was raised with the knowledge that his was part of a noble line. His parents strove to live up to the expectations of their heritage. It was only natural that when the centaur rose up again, this time in a land known as Desolace, his parents were among the first to go and push back the Centaur. Again the Skychaser stopped the centaur, though also with great cost. Both of Magankan's parents fell to the centaur, though not before taking a great many with them.
Yes, it's kinda cheesy, but hey, it's my toon :P Anytime I role play I end up with some dark depressed character and I really suck and playing mopey, you'd think I'd learn from my mistakes, but people just don't do that. If we did, Cowboys wouldn't wear cotton pants.

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