Monday, November 27, 2006

On burnout, distractions, and the Burning Crusade

So, I write this post after playing very little in the last week. A nice 4 day weekend would usually mean lots of WoW for me, but not so. In my last post I mentioned that I got my Wii on Wednesday, best console ever. I played it pretty exclusively Thursday and Friday. After literally huting my arms play Rayman Raving Rabbids I did take a bit of a break and play some WoW Friday night.

I have been enjoying my Forsaken Priest, Nascere who is now level 14. I think the quests in undead zone are about the only newb ones I haven't worked on, so that was a pleasent change. It's also odd to play on a server where you don't have piles of gold. I actually couldn't afford all my spells at level 14. 12s a piece and 5 spells means one broke priest. I find it shocking that I may need to start farming at level 14 :P

Later on that night I ended up assisting with a Deadmines run. Now, I could have just grabbed Sakuran and cleared it for the group, but instead I brought repentant and focused on healing. It was a decent run with minimal deaths until we got trained twice in a row heading up to VC. As it was very late I called it a night.

Saturday I went out of town to do some Christmas shopping and get our car looked at. Spent more money than planned, which is always fun, discovered that nobody on the face of the planet carries the Wii Nunchuk. That evening I logged Nascere for a bit finishing up a few quests.

Sunday after church I logged onto Lamentation and grouped with a buddy of mine, Reverenddan. We worked on the quest on the way to Menthil where they have you kill some orcs. Good fun. He's just learning to tank and pull so it was a bloody affair. Doesn't help that I go DPS crazy either... After that I logged Sakuran to run him through the stockades for a quest he had. Do I need to mention that I love 1-shot ambushing mobs? Lastly spent an hour or so on Laic questing in Arathi Highlands.

Later that evenging I went back to Lamentation to group with my buddy and actually got my wife to log Saian, her Warlock. The three of us made short work of the gnolls north of Lakeshire. After my wife logged (sleepy girl), Reverenddan and I spent forever working on the Redridge Goulash. I've got to say that the drop rates on the Though Condor Meat suck, plain and simple. Why, oh why, do those quest items have what feels like a 7% drop rate?

As I mentioned in my title, I'm feeling a bit of WoW burnout. I'm not really interested in doing anything with Sakuran as BC is just around the corner. Levelling alts is okay, but it feels kinda like work. Honestly I'm having a lot more fun with the Wii, so wouldn't be very surprised if I put WoW on the back burner till BC, or at least this new patch.


Yet Another NE said...

Levelling alts is okay, but it feels kinda like work.

I know the feeling. I decided to level my last alt (I mean it!) to 60 before the expansion and it feels like a job. Whenever I do other things like pvp or whatever, I feel like I should quit and focus on putting time into this single alt. Gotta stay on task!

Excaliber1 said...

i have yet to face this "wow burnout" although, ive only been in the game for about 3 months it feels....yeah i do have alts, my highest being a level 14 warlock does feel like a chore logging on and having such a weak char...shulda made a priest lol

s4dfish said...

I think that burnout comes when you hit the summit of what you are going to accomplish with your main. For me that was Rank 7. I wasn't going to devote even more time for slight gains and as raiding really wasn't going to happen, she was effectively 'done'.

Part of the reason leveling an alt can be a chore is your motivation for doing so. As my main is a rogue, and everyone on the planet has a 60 rogue, there aren't a lot groups that 'need' here, it's just more DPS. So thats why I am leveling the priest, which is ALWAYS needed, though I do not ever anticipate speccing Holy. Laic, my hunter is more 'fun', but fills largely the same rolls as Sakuran: DPS.

Actually the most fun I'm having with alts is on my RP-PvP toons, I think the RP element makes it just enough different to be a lot of fun without feeling repetitious.

Yet Another NE said...

I think that burnout comes when you hit the summit of what you are going to accomplish with your main. ... as raiding really wasn't going to happen, she was effectively 'done'.

My first pass through WoW I didn't know about the whole raiding thing. I had fun getting to 60, but shelved my first character not long after she dinged and I shelved the game too. I just couldn't find ways to improve my character and were fun (rerunning Strat/Scholo/UBRS over and over again).

My second pass through WoW I found out about raiding and before I hit 60 I started getting attunements, I continually improve my character in a fun way (I think it was the social aspect of raiding with the same people and not pugging stuff) but at the expense of tons and tons of time. And now improving my character in this manner is no longer fun either. Social aspect is fine, time sink is not.

I'm holding out hope, as I've said on other blogs, that Burning Crusade will give me that opportunity to improve my character in the same way I did when I first started playing WoW - through leveling and questing a few hours here and there. Hopefully with some friends and not pugs.

s4dfish said...

I think BC will be much more compatible with how I game. Having 16 new 5 and 10 man instances, all of which can be set to 'hard' mode, will go a long ways towards giving me something to do with my main. Once I hit 70, being able to set them to 'hard' will give tons of things to do.

I'm sure though after a while I will run out of stuff to do again, but this time I think it will take longer.