Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Regurgitation 11-07-06

Going to do something a bit different. I'll post regurgitation after my morning reading, rather than waiting for the end of the day. Anything that pops during the day will get queued for tomorrow's post. It's too easy for me to forget to actually publish the post before I leave from work. If you can think of a better way for me to do this, let me know. Oh, and I"m quoting, when appropriate, from the posts I'm linking to now, give it a bit more of a chunky feel.

  • Blessing of Kings challenges the notion that slow weapons are better for paladins.
    It's for these reasons that I feel that Seal of the Crusader is actually the best Seal for a raiding paladin. It's not as spectacular as Seal of Command, but it is far more consistent, and allows a paladin to use her other abilities to larger effect.
  • Gitr's WoW Blog is down at the moment. The RSS feed seems to still work though, here's what I got off his last post, since you can't go view it...
    I broke the stinking theme AGAIN!! After all that work, too. I’m getting a parse error for an extra ‘**DESCRIPTION**#8217; on a line that doesn’t have an ‘**DESCRIPTION**#8217; and it’s really ticking me off. So I’m switching to this theme. It’s really cool, except for the issue that it is supposed to be 3-columns. So, it will be up and down and colors all funky, but should get better all day long. When the blogroll splits into my categories and slides over from underneath the other column, you know I’m learning something.

    My car is running on 3 cylinders today after a spark plug gasket blew yesterday, so it’s time to replace the whole kit. I’ll be leaving after lunch, so we’ll see how much blogging I get done.

  • Kinless contemplates AV, Black Dragon Scales, and bots. I actually typed boats the first time, but that would be just wrong...
  • Mark of Wild contemplates what to do with extended down time.
  • Stropp discusses Warcraft addiction:

    What would I be doing if I didn’t play WoW?

    I guess I’d be watching a lot more TV, I think a lot of other WoWers would be doing this if they quit.

    I’d probably go out and buy a couple of other games that I’ve had my eye on. I might read a little more.

    I doubt if I’d go out socialising much more than I already do. I’m a bit of a home-body anyway, playing a game or not playing it wouldn’t change that.

  • Tobold has more BC beta goodness:
    [T]he Burning Crusade challenges my perception of what exactly a level is. I might be "leveling" twice as fast as I thought, depending on how you define it.
  • Zenos and Zarina sound like they may be phasing out of Warcraft.

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