Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thinking about patch builds

Okay, as the patch is coming soon, I'm trying to think about what builds I go with once I have to respec. It also makes sense to plan these out till 70, so that's where I'll be doing with that

  • Sakuran will likely go 31/15/5 at 60 I'd level to 31/25/5 and likely respec depending on what my guild is doing at the time.
  • Repentant who is at 36 will go 0/0/26 with a goal of 20/0/41 at 70.
  • Laic, whose talents are a mess right now will go 0/0/29 with a goal of 0/21/40.
Those are the only of my characters that I've really given much thought to. As far as my Shaman, Warrior, and Mage are concerned what do the experts out there suggest for a level 70 build?


Excaliber1 said...

just a comment:

how the heck do you have time to get 3 guys to 70 hehe :D unless they are all 60's...but man itd take me years...

s4dfish said...

Got my first toon to 60 in roughly 5 months, by then I also had several alts in the 20's. If you focus on one character at a time and play with a focus on getting xp (rather than profs, storyline, etc) leveling is fast.

You can hit 60 in 7 days played time without a lot of difficulty. If you put in roughly 20 hours a week, which is pretty casual, that's only about two months to 60.