Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So close...just couldn't finish

So, I hopefully will ding 40 tonight with Laic. I planned on doing so last night but I hit a batch of very low motivation and after being in game for an hour while accomplishing NOTHING I gave up and logged off. Tonight is RP night and I am looking forward to some RFC goodness with Nascere. I have main healed very few instances so it will still be an educational experience for me. I am also not using any of the 'healer' addons as I want to learn to do it before WoW 2.0 lands. As I type this it occurs to me that I'm really learning to heal on my level 14 toon and not on my level 36. Just haven't done that much grouping with Repentant...

Speaking of WoW 2.0, I logged onto the test servers this AM just to play around a bit. After looking at the talents in front of me, Sakuran will be going 41/5/5 for PvP goodness until the expansion when she will be respeccing for something in a combat sword build, probably 11/40/0. Talent point at 61 would go to Surprise attacks and then go towards filling out the Assassination tree. I would imagine that I'll spec back to daggers when I hit 70. Swords>daggers for grinding, but daggers>swords for PvP.

Laic will certainly be going for 40 points in survival. The change to Aimed Shots just doesn't make it that important anymore (that change being that it resets your shot timer), it'll still be nice for an opening strike, but you'll not be seeing it used in combat anymore. I'm really looking forward to Wyvern Sting, which in BC can be used in combat. Got an add? Put it to sleep for 12 seconds, lay a trap and have a half dead mob by the time it gets to you. Also looks like my pet is getting a decent buff. Will have to really look at the numbers, but off the top of my head I'd say that the armor was up by about 200 points. Has anyone seen what the conversion is on hunter stats to pet buff?

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