Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pwnd in RFC

Now, I don't generally like to use 'l33t' speak, but I do feel it is appropriate in this instance. Last night Nascere (level 14 priest), Lugnut (level 14 Warrior), and Coberg (level 15 Hunter) tried RFC and got our butts kicked. None of us were well geared nor highly skilled at our class. The hunter's pet did a majority of the tanking, so Lugnut was short on Rage. We could handle the single and double pulls, but at three we wiped. My mana bar would run out about 3/4 of the way through the fight and I had many dead pets on my conscience :P N0t to mention a plethora of wipes or sprints to the instance portal. I am also responsible for training about 15 Troggs to us while getting ready to clear the cavern where the dead Tauren is...

Wrapped a few quests up with Laic but 40 still eludes me. I think I may have to just plug away and ignore everything else for a bit. Moved him over to Swamp of Sorrows as I read there is a decent quest chain there. If all else fails I'll just find a grind and do it.

WoW 2.0 is now announced for next Tuesday. I'm quite anxious for it as it looks to offer a TON of new stuff. Perhaps not new content (aka instances), but with new talents and spells it will feel like a content rich patch. I am really looking forward to an in-combat Wyvern Sting with Laic. Just think it will be sweet.

What part of the patch are you, faithful reader, excited about? Talent changes, UI changes, macro changes, new spells, new honor system, or something completely different?


zihaizi said...
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s4dfish said...

To the gold farming company that wanted to advertise here. HELL NO!

Doeg said...

I'm looking forward to being unchained from PvP.
Then it will be refreshing and fun to try out the new stuff, from the obvious re-speccing, to the reported inclusion of various new quests and NPCs around the world (in keeping with the new races being introduced).