Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Regurgitation 11-08-06

  • Inner Fire finished her Priest Healing Guide.
  • WoW Insider has some interesting information on PvP statistics, including average rank per class and amount of time spent in-game per rank.
  • Blessing of Kings offers further analysis on SoC vs SotC.
    Some commenters have questioned the tradeoff in the last post. I don't deny that you do give up a significant amount of damage by not using SoC. To my mind, though, the added flexibility and regeneration of SotC make up for it.
    Frostbolt talks about downing Patchwork.
  • Gitr offers the start of a Priest's Guide to Healing Deadmines and an example of how not to endear yourself to your Priest.
  • Mark of the Wild rakes up the DK's in Lakeshire:
    Well your server is going to be offline for 36 hours, so what do you do? I say rack up a bunch of DKs on your old toon!
  • Tales of a WoW Addict has fun with a Warlock Alt.
  • Tobold talks about the differences between PvE builds and PvP builds and then advocates for a cheaper respec cost.

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