Thursday, November 30, 2006

Addons for next week

EDIT: I'm keeping this post up to date as I'll be directing people to it for info about my UI setup.

New Versions of stuff I'm using

  • Bartender 3 - replacing Bartender 2, which I'm currently enjoying
  • AG Unit Frames
  • oCB - simple cast bar replacement
  • Prat - All purpose chat mod
  • ElkBuffBar - Much nicer looking buff/debuff timers
  • OneBag and OneBank - as it sounds, consolidates your bags and bank.
  • GMail - Simply an Ace2'd version of CTMailMod.
  • FuBar - Says it's updated... But kept throwing errors last night.
  • ClearFont - simply replaces the default font in WoW to a much easier to read font.
Stuff that sounds interesting but I haven't played with yet.
  • Clique - As benecast and the like are going the way of the dodo, I think click casting is what we're left with
  • KC_Items - Looks like an ACE'd version of Auctioneer. I'll definitely give it a look-see.
  • ACE UI - cause comand line entry just plain sucks.
Stuff I really want replaced, but haven't found yet (well, I know where they are, but haven't found a WoW 2.0 version).
  • TheoryCraft - Such a great program. I love having the average damage for my abilities visible on my buttons. For healing it makes it much easier to select the right heal based on the damage sustained on my target.
I know there are lots that I"m leaving out, but that'll have to wait.

EDIT (12/13) - I am still getting a ton of errors form the addons on my laptop, having to disable several of them. I managed to get the Auctioneer beta, so I'm back to my usual AH routine. KC Items was nice, but I just couldn't manage to get it set up right. Bottom Scanner, packed with Auctioneer, is interesting, but I think it ultimately needs more work before I'll really try to mess with it.

What is particularly odd about this is that I get different errors after copying the addons folder directly from my Desktop. I'm not sure what is going on there, but may kill most of my saved variables folder and see if that helps.


Doc said...

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Could you tell me what addons were being used here:

The fact that you can see the whole head (unlike a portion from pearl) is cool. Also the map is nice, is that huge empty bar area on the bottom from an addon or from the 1680x1050?

FYI I don't check my blog so don't comment there.

Doc said...

Sorry the link was wrong, this is the right link.