Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Shock and Horror - Victory in AB and WSG

Yes, you read that title right. Won AB (which if fairly unusual) and WSG (which is very rare) in the same day. Was a crazy night.

  • Victory in AB.

  • Victory in WSG.
  • Xelzozier and I guarding a flag.

  • Mythor and I screwing around in SW.

Unfortunately I had to give up my AV queue for the WSG victory, so no CE turn in for me...


Sinker said...

Thankfully, I'm starting to see more Alliance victories in WSG and AB. However, the Horde are starting to win some AV games. I guess I am seeing both sides learn and adapt to defeat proven tactics.

Oh well, as long as I actually hit Rank 6 next week, I'll be good.

s4dfish said...

I've heard about Horde finally figuring out AV. Personally I have yet to really see it, though I'm sure I will soon enough.