Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oh, to be a n00b again

So, I got a buddy of mine to pick up WoW. He's never done a MMO before, and isn't very familiar with the universe. Last night I spent my game time showing him around and it really struck me how much I miss being new to the game.

Most of what I did was help him with quests and 'coach' him in the game. I also gave him a bit of a tour of the eastern continent. As he is a human I ran him up to Stormwind, took the Tram to Ironforge, and flew back to Stormwind. Yeah, it's a short tour, but remember how cool all that stuff was the first time you did it?

I made a point of telling him to look up while taking the tram. I remember being blown away with how cool that first ride was, now it just feels tedious. Before getting on the Gryphon back to SW I explained to him what we were going to do and he replied "Flyyyy???". I had forgot how cool it was to fly from SW to IF, how scary the Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge were, how 'accomplished' I felt when I actually made it there with Sakuran. Now, I don't even think about it.

It's kind of frustrating to realize how those little things are what got me 'into' WoW, and now I don't even see them. I actually called my wife over and made her watch my first IF-SW flight. It was soooo cool. I remember the first time I went to SW from Goldshire, I literally stopped and stood in awe of the statues. Now, I'm usually auto-running and can't wait to hit the AH.


There are so many things that I remember being blown away by in Warcraft, and now it just feels so...normal.

EDIT: What were some of the things that made your jaw drop when you first started playing? Share below, I think it would interesting to figure out if there are some 'common' things that just floored everyone.


Sinker said...

My first character was Undead, so taking the elevator down to the Undercity was very cool. That first Zeppelin ride was great, and then seeing Orgrimmar for the first time was amazing.

I loved the Horde characters in WC3, so meeting Thrall and Cairne for the first time really made me feel like part of the Warcraft universe.

Telan said...

Inner Fire:

I remember seeing the little dwarves fighting the dragon on that flight. I used to keep flying back over it, so I could see the whole scene. It's pretty funny.

Going to Hyjal for the first time with close friends, and hearing the story of the battles there, and having our storyteller point out what that giant crater is for, where Cenarius died, etc. That trip to Hyjal has been my best experience in all of WoW.

s4dfish said...

When I got my first mount I spent quite a while just running around. Kinda did the same when I bought my epic mount. As cool as that is, it's only made running any of my alts feel so incredibly slow.